Tips For Buying Princess Cut Diamonds

Tips for Buying Princess Cut Diamonds at Pawn Now in Scottsdale
The princess cut diamond was created by Israel Itzkowitz of Ambar Diamonds in 1979. It took about three years of research to come up with a new distinct design that was similar to the round cut diamond in terms of its features. Today it is the second most popular diamond cut which is as good as the round cut diamond.

The shape of the diamond is generally that of a square or a rectangle with the top of the diamond cut forming a square and the body looks similar to that of a pyramid. The princess cut diamond is less expensive than the round cut diamond as not much of the diamond is cut away while creating it to get to the desired design. With this ability of the princess cut diamond to retain more of its stone weight it has become very popular among diamond cutters. Even though the diameter of the princess cut diamond is much smaller than the round cut, they carry the same carat weight but the length is longer than that of a round cut diamond. However the unique square shaped diamond is not as brilliant as the other shaped diamonds.

Given below are some of the most popular recommendations when you’re looking to buy a princess cut diamond:

– Lot of weightage should be given to the cut of the diamond
– Choose a good color
– Keep in mind that the clarity should be VS2 or better
– Depth to width percentage should be 58 to 80 percent

Among all the Arizona diamonds. the princess cut diamonds are considered to be the most brilliant choice with its vertically shaped angled crown and a pyramid shaped design where light bounces within the diamond. The sparkle that you would find in princess cut diamonds is much more than other ordinary square cut ones and hence this is called the brilliant cut for its unique features.

Gem cutters examine the stone to determine the best cut not only for its aesthetic value but also to determine how much profit can be earned from it, end of the day it’s a business for them. The princess cut diamond can weigh around 62% more than what a round cut diamond would weigh and both of the cuts can be cut from one single stone or crystal. The rough diamond is cut into half where one half becomes the round cut diamond and the other half becomes the princess cut diamond. This also makes it easier to hide natural flaws of the uncut corners of the princess cut diamond.

The flaws that we talk about are nothing but some impurities, liquid or small bubbles of gas that were caught inside the crystal during the initial stages of creating the diamond and this happens quite frequently. The uncut corners are hidden by the four prong that is used to hold the diamond. These flaws may not be visible to you but still you need to take proper care as these flaws might be weak and could get cracked or even chipped if not careful.

If you’ve been in love with the traditional round cut but are now looking for something different, you will surely fall in love with the exquisite features of the princess cut. It was purely designed to get optimum brilliance of the square cut and it gives you a lot more carat weight for the money spent.  Visit your Arizona Pawn Store to see the difference!

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