Caring For Your Jewelry To Get The Best Value At a Pawn Shop

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Caring For Your Jewelry To Get The Best Value At a Pawn Shop How to ensure the integrity and value of your jewelry Whether your jewelry is inherited, gifted, or purchased by you, you should learn how to care for it to extend its life and hold its value. Knowing how to care for your [...]

Silver vs. Gold Investing: Understanding Market Trends

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Silver vs. Gold Investing: Understanding Market Trends Silver and gold are both solid investments. Both tend to hold their value over time and have more stability than other investments such as stocks. You can see that this has been true historically: When economic hardship strikes, people aren’t hiding cash under their mattress, they’re hiding gold [...]

The Perfect Gift — for a Fraction of the Price

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The Perfect Gift -- for a Fraction of the Price Time is quickly running out to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this Christmas. By this point, not only are you likely having a hard time finding just the right gift, but you are also probably on a budget, which makes finding [...]

Titanium Jewelry Facts In Chandler

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Discovered in 1791, titanium is one of the hardest natural metals in the world and has become more popular recently for jewelry. A metal that is stronger than steel, but incredibly lightweight, titanium is often used in rings and necklaces. The very name “titanium” alludes to the strength of the metal, since it was named [...]

All Pearl Jewelry Selections Are Gorgeous In Arizona

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Pearls are often chosen as accessories because they are versatile and go with any type of women’s fashion. A pearl’s neutral color coordinates well with dresses, and is an appropriate choice for even casual wear, such a graphic t-shirt or denim. With so many different pearl design varieties, a woman can have a piece of [...]

What Is Palladium And How Is It Used?

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Palladium is a topic worthy of discussion in jewelry, even though many are not aware of its existence. Like gold and silver, it has a rich history and place in the jewelry world. Palladium is a member of the platinum metal group, alongside platinum, iridium, rhodium, osmium and ruthenium. It has the lowest melting point [...]

How To Choose Unique Wedding Bands in Phoenix

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You have decided to tie the knot with that special someone and the next logical step is to decide on the all-important Arizona jewelry item -- the wedding band. So you have browsed through several Phoenix stores searching for the perfect wedding band looking for something unique that will make you and your partner stand [...]

Jewelry! Jewelry!

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Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry in Arizona is a favorite accessory for young and old. The timeless appeal of jewelry makes it an attractive collectible, accessory, gift or even heirloom. The eye-catching displays of jewelry store windows never fail to dazzle with their offerings of the newest inventory in rings or necklaces, do they? Even men can [...]

The Pearl Necklace — A Timeless Beauty

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The Pearl Necklace -- A Timeless Beauty They say that a pearl necklace is the first and foremost accessory that every woman ought to possess for it exudes timeless beauty and eternal classiness by making the lady look her sophisticated best. The reason why pearl necklaces are considered evergreen is because they are available in [...]

Earrings: The Ultimate Fashion Statement

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Earrings: The Ultimate Fashion Statement   Earrings enhance a woman’s overall look and appeal, be it at a social event, a day at the beach or in the workplace. They form a vital aspect of every lady’s wardrobe. An Apache Junction woman can transform herself drastically yet subtly with a change of earrings that adds [...]

Antique Jewelry: A Timeless and Elegant Adornment

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Antique Jewelry: A Timeless and Elegant Adornment Antique jewelry is defined as jewelry made during or before the early 1900’s. Compared to modern jewelry, antique jewelry is often more unique with high levels of craftsmanship. These pieces are often considered classics and rarely ever go out of style. Also, antique jewelry pieces often have interesting [...]