The Perfect Gift — for a Fraction of the Price

The Perfect Gift — for a Fraction of the Price

Time is quickly running out to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this Christmas. By this point, not only are you likely having a hard time finding just the right gift, but you are also probably on a budget, which makes finding the right gift even harder. To solve both of your problems, you need to go somewhere that you might not traditionally associate with Christmas shopping: Your local pawn shop.
The best pawn shops, like Pawn Now in Arizona, have a large selection of high-quality goods. You can find everything from household goods to cars at the best pawn shops. Here are a few of the many items that you can find at Pawn Now that would likely make the perfect gift for someone on your list — but at a fraction of the price:

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You can find everything at a pawn shop from iPhones to game systems to televisions. All of these items are inspected carefully before they are purchased or are accepted for pawn. Only items that work and that are in good condition are made available for sale. In most cases, only the most recent models are accepted also. For example, you aren’t likely to find many older iPhones for sale, but you will find the iPhone 5 and 6 models available. The exception is for classic, collectible models.


Many women dream of gold and diamonds under the Christmas tree, but purchasing these can be expensive. Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a chain store in the mall, head to your local pawn shop to find beautiful jewelry for a fraction of the cost. Gold and diamonds don’t wear with age, so you can find jewelry that’s just as beautiful used as it is when it’s new. In fact, you can often find more unique gift items with vintage designs.

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Pick up something special for yourself or the hunting enthusiast on your list with a new gun. You can find everything from handguns to rifles at pawn shops, as well as all the ammo and accessories you need. Just be sure that you have your permit, where necessary, and that any person you plan to gift the item to also has a permit. You may be saving money, but you still have to follow local gun laws.

Unique Items

giving the perfect giftOne of the best reasons to shop at a pawn shop is that you never know what you’ll find. You can find collectible items, such as rare guitars, radios, antique china, and old toys and dolls. Many people clear out their homes or the homes of their loved ones, leaving behind a treasure trove of items for you to find.

Come in to Pawn Now today to see what great gifts you can find. We have gifts suiting everyone on your list for a fraction of the price of what you would find new. Of course, we’re also happy to buy your valuables to help you get the money you need to finish shopping. Call us today!

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