Facts About Rough Diamonds In Apache Junction

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The term “rough diamonds” applies to diamonds that are in their natural form, without being cut or polished. They would look more like a small lump of crystal than a brilliant shining diamond in a store. Diamonds in their natural state are found in shapes like a cube, an octahedron, or dodechedron. Some diamonds have [...]

HPHT Diamonds

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History of HPHT The General Electric Company (GE) discovered the process in 1955, when it was able to create a press that exerted enough pressure and temperature to make diamonds in the laboratory. Originally HPHT was an experiment for diamond color modification in synthetic diamonds. Over the years, HPHT treatment evolved through different presses, such [...]

How to Compare the Price of Diamonds

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Researching the price of diamonds can be confusing to the average consumer. There are so many factors to consider, with no single factor being the most important, that people sometimes just give up and buy the first thing they see. Fortunately, you don't have to give up if you take the time to learn the [...]

Treasure Hunting For Diamonds At Crater of Diamonds State Park

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The name “Crater of Diamonds State Park” is bound to intrigue even the most jaded traveler. You may wonder if it really measures up to its dramatic name. Well, Crater of Diamonds State Park really does hold diamonds, and it really is a crater. And there's more: a visit to Crater of Diamonds State Park [...]

Treasure Hunting At Herkimer Diamond Mine

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What Are Herkimer Diamonds? Herkimer diamonds in Arizona are double terminated quartz crystals. They are located Herkimer County, New York. Herkimer crystals are shaped almost like diamonds, including 18 facets and two points at the end. Although they are not technically diamonds, the remarkable clarity is reminiscent of authentic diamonds. The amazing Herkimer gemstones were [...]

The World’s Diamond Deposits

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India was once the world’s only source of diamonds. Then in the 1700s, diamond deposits were discovered in Brazil. By the late 1800s, the game changed completely when South Africa's primary deposits were uncovered, which was an enormous find at the time. Exploration technology has evolved to the point where diamond deposits are now found [...]

Diamond Jewelry Maintenance

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Women often love shopping and tend to possess an interesting array of jewelry. Diamonds especially are a woman’s best friend. It is pleasing on the eyes to see the shimmer of jewelry, but a lot goes into maintaining diamonds sheen and glamour. Here are a few of the most popular and widely-used cleaning methods that are [...]

GIA Diamond Grading Reports

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GIA Diamond Grading Reports The Gemological Institute of America provides reports for grading diamonds. These reports are a treasure trove of information about every aspect regarding these precious stones. The purpose of providing these grading reports is to keep the customer informed and help him or her better and informed choices while purchasing large-quantity diamonds. [...]

Tips For Buying Princess Cut Diamonds

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The princess cut diamond was created by Israel Itzkowitz of Ambar Diamonds in 1979. It took about three years of research to come up with a new distinct design that was similar to the round cut diamond in terms of its features. Today it is the second most popular diamond cut which is as good [...]

Where Diamonds are Mined

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In the Kimberley region of north east Australia, the Argye mine, owned by Rio Tinto, produces the world’s largest supply of diamonds by volume. However, it is not the world’s most valuable mine because only a small percentage of its diamonds are considered gem quality. Even so, the Argye mine is unique in that it [...]