Things To Consider When Pawning Your Electronics

Things To Consider When Pawning Your Electronics

What to Ask Before Trying to Pawn Your Electronics

These days, is it even possible to have the newest TV, phone, or smart watch? As soon as you upgrade to the most recent and become acquainted with it, the manufacturer announces that the new model is coming out next month. If you’re a tech junkie, keeping up with the latest tech gets incredibly expensive, leaving you with a drawer full of the last model or models that came out.

Once you have the most recent tech in hand, what do you do with those old electronics? Allow them to take up space in the cupboard? Hand them off to the kids? How about selling them to help relieve some of the financial burden of being a tech guru?

Pawn Electronics

If you’re wanting to recoup some cash off those old electronics, you must first realize that they have more than likely depreciated in value, and you won’t be able to recuperate the entire cost of the phone or computer you are ready to offload. However, there are some checklist items you can mull over before walking into your local electronics pawn shop. Let’s go over some basic things to consider when considering pawning your electronics.

Before You Go, Consider These:

    -Aesthetic Appeal

How does you electronic item look? When you walk your electronic item into your local Phoenix pawn store, you don’t want it to be beat up, scratched, or missing parts. You’d want the phone to look like it’s in good shape and ready for its next owner. If you look at it and waiver on whether you’d buy it if you spotted it in a store, that’s a good indication that it may not be aesthetic enough for pawning.

When you are considering pawning an electronic item at your local pawn store, make sure you look it over for any scratches, dents, or cracks. Wipe the screen down with some electronic cleaner and a cloth made for electronics. You will want to make the item as clean and presentable as you can. Although the Phoenix pawn store will more than likely clean the electronic before placing it for sale, the overall price will

    -Working Order

When you walk into the shop, you want to make sure you’re bringing in a working piece of technology. When you go to show the pawn shop appraiser, make sure to show off more than just the power button. Show them all the working features that your electronics have to offer. The more bells and whistles that ring and chime that you can offer, the more valuable the electronics can be to the pawn store.

    -Package Deal

What good is a laptop if you can’t plug it in and use it? How valuable is a camera without a lense? A TV without a remote? When you are ready to sell your electronics, you need to make sure that all cables, remotes, batteries, chargers, etc. are ready to go as well. Sure, you may still be able to sell what you have without the cord or remote, because they can be replaced, but an electronic with all its needed parts is going to fetch a better price than one lacking.

When You Arrive At The Local Pawn Store:

    -Have Your ID

This is a security measure for pawn shop owners. PHX Pawn brokers don’t want to get caught up in purchasing and selling stolen goods, so they have a process through which they consult local law enforcement every day to check items they’ve taken in against lists of items that have been reported stolen. They keep record of all items and who they receive them from as a protection for everyone involved in the transaction. Make sure you have a picture ID with your current address on it when you’re ready to sell your electronics.

    -Be Ready To Negotiate

PlaystationRemember that pawn shops work on supply and demand. The higher the demand, and lower the supply, the more you’re going to get for your electronics. If you have an old IBM, be prepared to take what you can, but if you have the newest Xbox, you may be able to haggle over the price just a little bit more. The broker at the electronics pawn shop does have a little wiggle room to negotiate for the more highly desired items, but don’t go in with unrealistic expectations either. You shouldn’t take the first offer, but you should also know when to stop pushing your luck. If you don’t get the offer you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to shop around for a better offer.

When shopping around for the best offer, we hope that you stop in and give us a chance to appraise your electronics. We have PawnNow shops all over the East Valley, and are ready to negotiate. Give us a call at 480-668-1009 today to see what we can do to help you get rid of those electronics you no longer need.  


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