Should I Have a Garage Sale or Take My Things to a Local Pawn Shop

Should I Have a Garage Sale or Take My Things to a Local Pawn Shop

The pros and cons of DIY selling and pawning

Whether you’re spring cleaning, preparing for a move, or just ready to get rid of some clutter in your home, we all have those times when we purge our belongings. Changing hobbies, kids, and life in general add to our possessions over the years. Some things we hoard and others we give away, but what should you do with the items that you have no use for yourself, but don’t want to give away? You have several options, but for the sake of this article, let’s focus on the pros and cons of a garage sale versus heading into your local pawn store.

Should I Have a Garage Sale or Take My Things to a Local Pawn Shop

Pros and Cons of a Garage Sale

    1. You don’t have to leave home

    You don’t have to leave your home to host a garage sale, or even get out of your sweats. While not leaving the comfort of your home can be appealing, garage sales can also limit your potential shoppers to those in your neighborhood.

    2. You set the price

    Poor people are not the only ones who need a pawn loanWell, you set the price prior to negotiations. You know around what you would accept for the items you would like to sell, so you are able to set the price you would like to begin negotiations at. You will get people who want to low-ball your pricing and try to get things as cheap as they can get them. You will also have some people who know a good deal when they see it, and will grab the more valuable items quickly. However, as it gets later in the day, and you look around at your remaining inventory, you may become a lot less fickle on your prices and what you’d be willing to accept.

    3. Your audience can be very diverse

    Some items appeal only to a very specific group of people. Garage sales offer the ability to attract a lot of different buyers in the market for a very diverse range of items. They may be attracted to one item they saw from a distance, and find several other things they didn’t even know they needed. The other side of this is that you may have some unique items to sell that don’t appeal to a large variety of people, so it’s a gamble on whether or not you get the right person to show up.

    When you hold a garage sale, one of the biggest gambles is that you don’t sell everything, and you are stuck either storing it for another day or finding a place to donate it and having to load up your vehicle anyways. You may also lose patience toward the end of the sale hours, and begin giving things away for a lot less than you anticipated, simply because you don’t want to have to store the remainder of the items. There are several variables that go into having a successful garage sale, so it has its own set of risks and rewards that vary from situation to situation.

    Sometimes, something as simple as the weather deciding to be uncooperative can impact your ability to have a sale, and the ability for others to show up. Fortunately, here in Arizona, the garage sale season tends to be extensive, but you never know when Mother Nature is going to throw a curve ball, ruining all your garage sale plans.

Pros and Cons of Selling at a Pawn Store

    1. You can sell your items on the spot

    When you’re done having something in the garage, you’re done. Speed of sale can be a huge factor in choosing whether you want to roll the dice on a garage sale, or walk into AZ local pawn shop and sell it on the spot. Local pawn stores are ideal for people on a time crunch who also do not want to just get rid of valuables. This is especially helpful during moving processes or when time is of the essence.

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    2. You can trade unwanted items for something you can use

    Sometimes, you can trade your unwanted items in for some good old store credit. Maybe you don’t need the trumpet anymore, but could definitely use a lawn mower. Pawn stores offer a wide variety of items, which works great for both the buyers and sellers. For the seller, there is a wide array of items that a pawn shop is willing to purchase. For the buyer, you can walk into a treasure trove of items you never knew you always wanted. Being able to trade in your items is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

    3. You don’t have to store it to sell it

    If you have an item that you know you’re not willing to part with unless you get a good price, you will more than likely end up allowing it to occupy the space in your garage that you want cleared. If you bring it into a Mesa pawn store, they will take it off your hands and allow that space to be cleared, and also give you cash in return. It’s a win, win, win.

Before you decide to host that garage sale, give your nearest Pawn Now store a call and see what we can do to take those unwanted items off your hands. We have several East Valley locations, and as Arizona’s leading pawn shop, we are sure to find a way to serve your buying and selling needs. Give us a call at 480-668-1009.


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