Tile Cleaning Equipment You Can Buy Used

Tile Cleaning Equipment You Can Buy Used

Tile is a great choice for flooring because it is easy to maintain. You just need to sweep and mop it regularly to keep it looking great. But if you drop colored liquids on the floors, have pets that regularly have accidents, or get a lot of foot traffic in your home, you might have to do a deeper scrub to keep stains from setting into the tile and the grout. Dirt can also build up in the grout over time, even with regular cleaning.

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You should hire a professional Gilbert tile floor cleaning company to refresh your floors when the stains and odors set in. But if you absolutely must do the work yourself, you should at least buy professional equipment to make sure you get the best results and you don’t damage the floors. Your local AZ pawn shop is an excellent resource if you need to buy used tile cleaning equipment. Here is some of the equipment you might be able to find at your local pawn shop:

Floor Machine

floor machines to clean itA floor machine is used for many types of flooring, including tile, hardwoods, marble, and terrazzo. It is an upright machine that you push around by the handles, similar to a vacuum cleaner. A floor machine can strip, sand, clean, polish, and refinish floors. You can use a floor machine to give your tile floors a good scrub and freshen them up. You won’t be able to get into the nooks and crannies with a floor machine, such as deep in the grout lines or in the corners by toilets or next to cabinets. However, if your floors aren’t too bad, a floor machine should be enough to get the job done.

You should be able to find a floor machine at a Mesa pawn shop easily. You can save hundreds of dollars on some floor cleaners while still getting a quality machine. Thanks to the multi-functional nature of the machine, you can also use it on other rooms in your home that have different flooring types.


detailerThere are many machines that are made with thinner profiles and smaller heads that allow you to get into more spaces and clean out more of the set-in dirt. These machines have different names depending on the brand, such as “dirt whacker” or “turbo force raptor.” These machines are higher-powered, and they are designed specifically for tile floors and for getting deeper into smaller spaces.

You have to check back with your pawn shop a few times before you find one of these, but the wait will be worth it. You’ll get professional tile and grout cleaning results, and you’ll save a lot of money in the process.

Handheld Spinner

hand spinnerMaybe you have tile on your countertops or on floors in places that you just can’t reach with a larger cleaner, even one that has a slimmer profile. You can get a handheld spinner that will give you more control over your work and let you clean tile in more places. The handheld spinner is also less expensive, and even less so if you buy it at a Phoenix pawn shop. You can use different heads depending on what kind of work you need to do, such as cleaning or polishing the tile.

Grout Applicator Tool

grout-applicator toolSometimes, grout is too stained to get clean. In those cases, you have to apply paint and sealant mixture that is specially designed for grout. You can use a paintbrush to apply the mix, but you are likely to get it on the tile itself. Instead, you can use a grout applicator tool that will deliver the precise amount to get even coverage and avoid mistakes. You put the mix in the tool, kind of like loading ink into a pen. Then you apply it. The tool makes the work easy and gives you great results.

Tile and grout cleaning doesn’t have to be back-breaking work. You can buy used tools from your local pawn shop to make the work easier. In addition, when you buy used tile cleaning equipment from a Scottsdale pawn shop, you save a lot of money.

desert tile and grout cleaningIf you need to refresh your tile flooring, the best thing you can do is call the professionals. Desert Tile and Grout Care performs professional tile and grout cleaning for homes and businesses in Arizona. Our professionals can transform your floors, lifting out stains that have been set in the tile or the grout for years. Our cleaning services bring back the original color and beauty of your tile. Call us in Arizona to get an estimate or to learn more.

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