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Jewelry is one of the main items offered to us as collateral for an Arizona pawn loan and one of the many sale items that are offered to us every day. As with all articles, Pawn Now accepts it, we want to make sure we provide the best and most just appointment possible to guarantee a satisfactory result for our clients. In addition to having the best deals for your rings, we also have a secure facility in which to keep your possessions safe. When you pawn your rings with Pawn Now Mesa, we can guarantee that they will be returned in the same conditions you left them.

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With rings as collateral for a Mesa home loan, our jewelry appraisers test precious metals and diamonds to determine their value. The diamond tests include a visual inspection with a jeweler’s loupe, as well as weighing the article, the size (determination of the carat weight) of all the stones and the cut / color / clarity of each, also known as the 4 C’s. In addition, we test the metal using a special acid that determines the carat of gold. By providing us (and our customers) with the necessary answers for a successful transaction, this process is totally safe for your jewelry. This is done to guarantee a clean test, so that there are no false readings in your article that could harm what we can lend you.

On average, we lend more in jewelry, diamonds and gold than our competition!

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Where to Pawn Engagement Rings in 85210

Are you looking for a reputable Mesa pawn shop to sell your jewelry at? Pawn Now has eight locations across the Valley where you can walk in and pawn your diamond rings. The pawnbroker at each pawn shop will inspect, evaluate and give you a reasonable price for your diamond rings. You can get fast cash when you pawn your diamond rings at Pawn Now.

Knowing the right place to pawn or sell your diamonds is important. Your diamonds will be secure and safe at any of the Pawn Now shops in Arizona while you pay your loan back. Pawning your diamond jewelry can be used as collateral for getting a quick loan. The more your diamonds are worth, the more money you’ll get in cash!

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Sell, Buy or Pawn Engagement Ring near Mesa

Mesa area residents looking to sell or pawn AZ jewelry should visit one of our eight easily accessible locations to experience what Pawn Now has to offer. Do not forget that we also sell jewelry. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, a keepsake or missed your grandma’s birthday, we have jewelry for every occasion available. Our items are often from high end stores such as Tiffany’s. Find quality jewelry and unique pieces at your local trusted Arizona pawn shop.

We currently have over 2,000 jewelry pieces for sale on eBay(please look us up with our user name Estate_Sales_Co or click here). If you find some pieces you want to see in person, just let us know and we can show them to you!

You can find more than rings in our Arizona Pawn Shops:

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Buy Jewelry in
Scottsdale, AZ

Sell your jewelry at Pawn Now in Scottsdale 85257 when you need fast cash, including diamond rings, antique jewelry, pearl necklaces and more!

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Phoenix Pawn Shops that Buy Used Jewelry

For fast cash in Phoenix, visit Pawn Now, where you can buy and sell your jewelry to get the cash you need! Contact us today!

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Sell My Diamonds and Jewelry in Chandler

Selling your diamonds and jewelry? Pawn Now has two locations in Chandler where you can walk in and sell your diamonds and jewelry for a reasonable price.

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Sell Engagement Ring
near Gilbert

Pawn Now is the best place to sell your engagement ring. With five star reviews and friendly pawn experts, Pawn Now is the best diamond buyer near Gilbert.

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Buy Cheap Gold Earrings near Tempe

At Pawn Now near Tempe, you can find a variety of affordable items such as gold earrings and other jewelry at our local Arizona pawn shop.

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Pawn Pearl
Necklace in Mesa

For quick cash from Pawn Now, pawn your pearl necklaces at one of our three pawn shops in Mesa, Arizona! Visit our local Mesa Pawn Shops, today!

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Pawning Estate Jewelry near Peoria

At Pawn Now in Phoenix, you can sell or pawn your jewelry, including diamonds, gold, silver, and other precious metals, all for a reasonable quote!

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Antique Gold Rings for Sale near Glendale

Looking for a place to buy antique gold rings near Glendale, Arizona? At Pawn Now in Phoenix 85019, we buy and sell a variety of jewelry pieces!

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AZ Diamond
Jewelry Buyers

Pawn Now in Arizona has five star ratings on Google and Yelp. We are the best option to sell your diamond jewelry, and get quick cash.

Best AZ Pawn Shop Near Me to Pawn, Sell & Buy Rings

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Pawn Now Mesa – 85210

1145 S. Mesa Dr. #4
Mesa, AZ 85210
Phone +1 480 668-1009
Mon-Fri: 9AM – 7PM
Sat: 9AM – 6PM
Sun: 10AM – 5PM

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Pawn Now Mesa – 85204

361 S. Lindsay Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone +1 480 777-7771
Mon-Sat: 9AM – 6PM
Sun: 10AM – 5PM

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Pawn Now Mesa – 85207

8151 E. Apache Trail‎
Mesa, AZ 85207
Phone +1 480 964-6666
Mon-Fri: 8AM – 5PM
Sat: 9AM – 5PM
Sun: 10AM – 5PM